I might need a dehumidifier

A few days ago it rained a whole lot; In the morning I noticed that there was a lot of condensation on the windows, then this is pretty normal.

I mean, I do keep the a/c set pretty low at night, however, when I noticed that the condensation was inside of the windows, & not outside, I knew the two of us might have a problem.

It is not normal for it to be that humid in the house. I especially shouldn’t be that humid when the a/c is on, air conditioners detach humidity after all. I decided to just let it go & pass it off as a weird occurrence due to the weather. However, the next few afternoons the condensation was still on the inside of the window even though the two of us got no more rain. I decided it was time to call out the A/C professionals. They came out & looked over my a/c. It did need some general A/C maintenance however they said that doesn’t actually explain the humidity levels in the house. The Heating & Air Conditioning corporation is suggesting that the two of us get a dehumidifier installed along with the a/c. They said that, with the humidity in this area, that this is a pretty typical issue. It happens a lot where windows & doors are because humid air gets in. That is when it dawned on me, I had opened all of the windows yesterday & forgot to lock them… Maybe air was still getting in. I will try that tonight. If it is still wet in the morning, I might have to get that dehumidifier installed though. I just don’t understand why it would act up this year though when it never has before.