I miss the cool AC at my office

It is Summer here and the heat is raging.

I shouldn’t entirely complain because 2 or 3 months of heat for 7 or 8 months of perfect weather is not a horrible trade off by any means.

However, the Summers here can be a brutal mix of humidity and heat. Thankfully, there’s the Heating as well as A/C heat pump that most houses count on each plus every day. It keeps homes cool plus makes life during the Summer more manageable. However, there’s a bit of a snag right now. I am working from home now, because my supplier implemented it. There is no more perfectly cooled A/C at the office any longer. It makes sense why they did it, because my job only requires in person meetings about twice per month. My supplier ditched our office space plus we rent out meeting spaces whenever we require a personal collaboration. The only thing is, I entirely miss the cool comfort of my old office A/C. My condo is great, however I’m stubborn about how I utilize the Heating as well as A/C cooling. My wife and I program our Heating as well as A/C control components to rise with the outside temperatures through the hottest section of the day. This makes it way warmer of a job environment than I’m accustomed to. So, I am beginning to work earlier plus then heading out after lunch to areas where the A/C is cranked up. This way, I get my responsibilities completed and I come home to the A/C lowering plus finish my work. It seems to be entirely working out entirely well.


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