I need air conditioner when I am sick.

I just got over a stomach virus plus I had never been so grateful to have air conditioner.

I was entirely sick for about more than two afternoons, for some reason, cool air or water on my face helps myself and others when I am nauseous.

I stayed in bed the whole time I was sick, plus I had the air conditioner turned down low plus a fan blowing high straight at me. It may have done little for the nausea but it helped myself and others believe a little better, but, nausea wasn’t my only symptom. One hour, I would be burning up plus the next hour I had chills! Maybe it was a fever. I don’t believe because I never bothered taking my temperature. But, I would bundle under the covers in my air conditioner plus fan chilled room when I had the chills plus kick off the covers plus prefer the air conditioner plus fan chilled room when a wave of heat came over me. I couldn’t imagine how I would have felt in a stuffy room with no air conditioner. I would have been completely miserable without my air conditioner, and really frosty air conditioner consistently seems to help myself and others when I am sick, even when it is not a stomach virus. When I have the proper frosty or flu, I could swear I breathe better if the air conditioner is turned down low. At least my nasal passages seem clearer when the air conditioner is down low. Or, maybe because the air conditioner is toiling harder to clean the air since the two of us now have a whole home air cleaner, either way, I easily need air conditioner when I am sick.
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