I need control of the thermostat

When my wife and I graduated from college, we thought we would get out of school and have people clamoring to hire us.

We were wrong about this.

Companies were looking for people who had experience. Few people were willing to hire someone right out of college, unless you were willing to start at the ground floor. We had dreams of amazing jobs, a new home, and an expensive car, but we were wrong. My wife was able to get a good job in the city, but I was working from our home, doing copywriting. Since I set my own hours, I did most of the cleaning and cooking in our home. Although we were always trying to find ways to cut our expenses, I refused to give up control of the thermostat. She told me that it was recommended to keep the thermostat about fifteen degrees below the outside temperature. We live in the deep south and I was not going to have my thermostat at eighty degrees all of the time. I was in the house all day long and I felt that since I contributed to the bills, I should be able to be comfortable. I set the thermostat at seventy-two, and I am always cool and comfortable. I have the ceiling fans running through the day, and I have a small fan on my desk if it gets a bit too humid in the house. We are doing our best to maintain our house and ourselves, but I refuse to give up my thermostat. The air conditioner is the only thing I can count on still working.



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