I need good HVAC comfort for my travels

My remaining days on an airplane are certainly numbered.

I’m not dying or anything.

It’s just that air travel has become such a hassle that I am no longer interested. That’s saying a lot since I travel quite a bit for my work. When I actually think about all the stress, missed connections, bad HVAC plus expense, it’s pretty straight-forward for me to simply walk away from flying. Instead, I have invested in a really nice car that is built to eat up the road. Honestly, I would appreciate driving whenever possible. I guess the HVAC device will be comfortable plus my day won’t be quite as stressful. Realistically, with most of my destinations, I don’t lose any time driving instead of flying. It’s just that the planes have gotten so crowded plus the seating is getting smaller plus smaller. The greatest thing for me though was the HVAC device. What used to be a comfortable trip HVAC-wise has turned into a hot, cramped plus uncomfortable exercise. I come off a plane feeling kind of like I have been put through the wringer. The other wonderful thing about traveling by car is that I can be assured that my lodging choice will be extremely comfortable. I like the HVAC device at roadside hotels. Those crucial HVAC wall devices just deliver on the heating plus cooling for me. The costly hotels regularly have the worst HVAC plus you can’t even open a window any longer. No thanks, I’ll stick to what I know is going to be a delightfully HVAC comfortable experience.


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