I need my HVAC system to be on point to help me focus on my vegan diet

I can’t tell you how, but my wife managed to convince me to go on a vegan diet with her.

She said that we need to do this for our health, and I figured that she was right.

I have to say, without the comfort of delicious food that I used to eat, I have had to lean on the comfort of the HVAC system. Whenever I start thinking about eating a juicy cheeseburger or having a steak, I just try to think of something else and crank up the air conditioning system. I don’t like going for walks around the neighborhood because I might smell meat cooking on grills all around, so we tend to go out to various hiking trails where we know there won’t be any grilling going on. We have been invited to people’s homes for numerous cookouts but we always try to avoid these events. The last time we went to a cookout, I almost gave in and ruined the vegan diet. My wife said we had to be strong but it was difficult watching people munch on chicken wings, steaks, and BBQ chicken. It all looked so delicious and it actually made my stomach growl. They actually prepared us some of our preferred vegan dishes, but it’s difficult being around all that meat still. Honestly though, I feel so much healthier having been on this diet, and I have lost a lot of weight as well. We still need to get our protein so we eat beans and other protein rich things like nuts. It’s all about keeping a proper diet, but I still need great temperature control settings to keep my focus on living healthy, so I always call for HVAC system maintenance.


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