I need my workout

When it comes down to it, my number one priority is a good workout.

  • I have found that I will sacrifice everything as long as I get my hour long workout.

I need it like people need coffee or a morning shower. I am not the same person unless I get to workout. First, I really feel horrible if I have not stretched. My neck, back and hips get tight in the morning. I like starting a workout with a loose stretch and then ending with one while I am warm. My muscles then feel good all day. Mentally I like knowing I did something physical to burn off all the calories I will eat throughout the day. I feel really good if I am a little fatigued or sore throughout the day too. It makes me feel like I didn’t waste my time with that hour-long session. Another reason I love my workout is that it wakes me up in the morning. I don’t drink coffee, so I do need something to perk me up. My workout is just that. The whole time I am working out I am waking up and preparing for the day. My hsower gives me that moment to decompress and feel like a normal person again. After that I can work, travel or engage in deep conversation since I am ready. I will sacrifice sleep, workout at weird times and even exercises in small locations in order to get it. My whole family knows that you don’t want me to skip a workout day.

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