I need radiant heated floors

I have been watching a lot of TV lately. I don’t know why because I do not normally watch much TV at all. However, these past couple of months have really been consumed with TV. I have been watching a lot of home improvement shows and I love when they take old houses and make them look completely different. I think that my husband is starting to get annoyed with me because I won’t stop talking about redoing our entire house. I am now convinced that we need to have radiant heated flooring installed in our bathroom. He looked up the cost of having radiant heated flooring installed and he started to laugh at me. I know that radiant heated flooring cost a lot of money upfront, but in the end it makes up for it in cost savings. You save a lot of money on your electric bills once you have radiant heated flooring installed. However, he doesn’t want to listen to me about the radiant heated flooring anymore and he just shuts me down every time I try to talk about it. I think I am going to just start saving money for the flooring and have them installed while he is on a business trip, then he will have no choice but to like the radiant heated flooring. I hope that my new plan works, or else he is going to be very upset with me for going behind his back and getting the HVAC company to install the flooring.


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