I need some labels printed

Our company is part of a softball league. We usually have 10 games in the spring, followed by a championship round. Over the last few years, we haven’t managed to win very many games. An employee this year, threatened to shake things up. He graduated from college, after playing baseball for all four years. Since we had a chance to win some games, I thought we could use new t-shirts this year. I decided to consult with our printing company. We use the printing company for all of our business needs. They print our business cards and make all of the office stationery. They also print the placards for our doors and desks. The printing company was happy to provide us with more information on t-shirt printing. Our graphic would be transferred to the T-shirt using a roll-to-roll heat press. The roll-to-roll heat press is a fast and easy way to transfer an image to a t-shirt. Our local printing company was happy to provide some mock t-shirts. A week after our meeting, they sent over a few different designs in full color. They used our company logo and printed the t-shirts in a variety of different colors and schemes. I I thought the t-shirts looked really great, and all of the letters were clear and concise. We decided to order t-shirts for the entire team and staff. Since we ordered in bulk, we saved a dollar on each one of our printed T-shirts. Our company is going to look great this year. I don’t know if we will win any of our games, but we will be stylish in our printed tagless T-shirts.