I need to keep the kids from messing with the thermostat

My sister and her kids started living with me recently.

It is a long story and one I don’t really want to get into. What you should take away from it is that I am happy to have them and that they are welcome to stay as long as they need to. I am just glad I have the extra room. There is only one problem: the kids keep messing with the thermostat. It must be them. Who else would turn the air conditioner down to 40 degrees one day then up to 140 the next? I don’t want to say anything to my sister because I want her to feel welcome. I want the kids to know they are in a safe place too. That is why I am getting a smart thermostat installed. The HVAC tech is coming out on Thursday to install it for me. I understand that smart thermostats are easy to install yourself but I am not handy at all. I hardly own any tools and I don’t understand technology. I probably won’t be able to program the new smart thermostat to my HVAC system myself, let alone program the password or anything like that. That is what I pay the HVAC professional for. Once the smart thermostat is passworded then I will be able to keep the temperatures in the house set to a comfortable 74 degrees. The kids can touch it but it won’t do anything. It is not as though I don’t want them to be comfortable. I absolutely do. I just don’t want them playing with the temperature settings. That ends up costing me money. If they end up staying a long time I might think about getting zone control installed too. But, one thing at a time.

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