I need to reconsider my my life choices

Thanks to price inflation, I think that finding affordable housing is next to impossible.

I’ll talk about that in a bit, and I originally had my entire life planned out for me.

I was always incredibly good at schoolwork and acting classes, and so after passing all of my classes and advanced classes, I was all set up to go to university. I had a bit too much fun at university, and my grades began to go down. Rather than repair them the way that I should have, I focused on other less pressing things. But then I eventually realized what a hole I was digging myself. So when I tried to start the work I missed, I found myself overwhelmed with work. I ended up dropping out. In response, my parents kicked me out of the house. Ever since then the two of us have been house hopping all over the place, each time hoping to find a location cheaper than the last one. Which brings me back to my original point, finding affordable apartments is a difficult task! The rent for just a small house is expensive. With 120 current listings, I may find 4 or 5 short term housing options suitable to me. I think that I need to get a job and just stop relying on my friends for currency. I just can’t find the motivation to do so. I have looked at all kinds of places for rent near me, furnished rentals, houses near me and short term home rentals. I guess that temporary apartments are probably my best bet. They offer weekly leases and that makes it much easier for me to afford. I need to reconsider my life decisions.

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