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I am really looking forward to this coming Christmas. In about a little less than a month, it will be that time of year once again. This year, my family is in charge of cooking Christmas dinner. Everyone always likes when its our turn to do the cooking and holiday hosting. The reason why is because we have one of those air purification systems in our home. Other members in our family do not have that, they just have the general heating and cooling systems. They love to enjoy the holiday gathering here and take in the wonderful indoor air quality we have over here. Especially after all that cooking, the kitchen is usually overwashed with fumes from the stove and oven. However, the air purification system clears all that up really fast. Not to mention, it has a scent to it as well that makes the entire house smell wonderful. Even with the possibly smell of burnt pans, the air purification system pumps right through our heating and cooling system, making it almost like the bad indoor air quality does not and never would exist in our household! We originally got the air purification system because my wife and I have very bad dust and pollen allergies. Our HVAC company locally suggested it to help out with getting rid of some of those allergies. And believe me, the air purification system has more than done the trick! We only sneeze and have allergy issues once and a while now. And everytime we have family over, they are amazed with the absolute best indoor air quality we have!

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