I needed the guy to come down on the asking price

It’s taxing to find real estate in this section for a wonderful price.

When I saw a house on the market in the same neighborhood as our Mom and Dad, I was immediately interested in the property.

The plan of residing next to our mom and dad wasn’t terrible. Both of us were a close family and I saw them several times each month already. The deal-breaker for me became the Heating and A/C system. When I toured the house, a single thing I noticed right away was the Heating and A/C issues. The device was well old and it was not running. The homeowner tried to tell me that the weather was too nice to run the Heating and A/C unit, but I’m smarter than that. I knew it was off for a reason. I loved the house and it was 3 streets away from our mom and dad. I told the owner of the property that I would be willing to pay the asking price for the house if he agreed to pay for a brand-new Heating and A/C device of our choosing. The owner was not cheerful about the deal and felt he could hold out and get full asking price for the property. I knew that was a option, but I did not want to deal with Heating and A/C issues as soon as I moved into a brand new house. I continued to look for other places, but I really wanted the guy to come down on the asking price for the house in the neighborhood with our parents. I saw the house sold a couple of weeks later, so I guess the guy found someone that was far more gullible than me.


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