I needed to have someone lay my flooring

When my dishwasher flooded my kitchen, I never thought that six months later, it was going to cost me a new kitchen floor and cupboards.

My husband and I had cleaned up all of the water and we thought it was dry, but we were wrong.

After a long hot and humid summer, we began to see cracks in the tiles and they were beginning to come up. One afternoon, my two year old granddaughter was playing on the floor and she handed me one of the tiles. I grabbed her up and took her in the living amidst her screams and cries because I wasn’t playing. I was devastated to see that there was mold underneath the tile, and it was black mold. We got looking and even inside the sink cupboard, there was mold all over the back and on the base. I was afraid to look any further, but I knew we had to look. By the end of the day, we had the insurance company in the house and telling us we would have a check in the mail. We needed mold remediation, a tile floor service company to remove the tiles and a flooring specialist to remove all of the base floor and to install new. Within two weeks, I had the tilers in the house and the flooring professionals laying new flooring, tiles, grout and new cupboards in my home. We had so many professional flooring service techs in the house, that I lost track of who was whom. Now I just need someone to come in and clean the grout from countertops and the mess on the flooring from the new grout.

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