I Needed to Take Care of My Home’s Air

I used to struggle with serious seasonal flu symptoms.

Without fail, when the weather started transitioning from Winter time to Spring, my head began to fill up with congestion and pain.

My eyes would water consistently, my nose would consistently be running, and my head consistently pounded, and even though I took over the counter medication, I consistently found myself staying inside my home whenever possible. I felt appreciate any time I walked into the open air outside, my body was just filling up with pollen and pollutants. One day though, I realized that I was truly causing more harm than good by staying inside because I wasn’t taking care of my HVAC plan and it was making my flu symptoms worse! I spoke with a friend who was a medical professional, and she told me that a single of the largest triggers for flu symptoms was a home’s HVAC system, especially if it wasn’t inspected. HVAC systems needed attention from certified HVAC professionals in order to run efficiently, and area of that was having the air filter replaced. Air filters needed to be replaced at least more than two times per year, however sometimes more if the pollen and pollutants were bad. I wasn’t decreasing my air filter, which meant a ton of dust and debri were getting cabind inside, spreading into my home’s air. My friend also told me about HEPA certified air filters. They were the best on the market, because they could trap any and all pollutants. Once I took her advice, my flu symptoms were relieved almost instantly!

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