I never cared much for most reality television

I don’t really know why, but I never was able to get into most reality TV shows. My wife has always been watching them, but they were always irritating to me to be honest, at least most of them. Even though you become annoyed while watching stuff like that, it helps when you have the ideal temperature control settings in the room you’re watching in. This is why I’m so happy that we have a ductless multi split system in our home now. We had it installed in the spring and so far this summer season has been more comfortable than ever before. In the past with our old central HVAC system, we had to keep minimal settings on the thermostat just to save on the energy bills. With this new system, we have customized temperature control in all the different rooms, meaning we can crank the cooling system in our room while we are watching shows. My wife and I basically take turns on what we should watch together. Sometimes we’ll be watching her crazy Love and Hip Hop shows and other times we’ll be watching action movies that I want to watch. It’s crazy seeing how some of those people act on those shows, they’re always throwing drinks at one another. I mean, you’re having a nice party in a venue with a quality HVAC system and perfect comfort, yet you want to start a fight with everybody, I don’t get it. If it were me, I would be trying to have a good time, not starting drama with people all the time. I guess that is entertaining to some people though.


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