I never dreamed I could become a business owner but my brother gives me inspiration

I was incredibly impressed when my brother became HVAC certified and started working as an HVAC technician.

For quite some time he told me that anybody could do it but I said that I could never do anything like that.

Working on machinery is just something that I could never picture myself doing. Eventually he told me that I needed to come out with him so he could show me what it was like working on heating and cooling systems. I didn’t want to try at first, but he convinced me to tag along. It was actually really fun meeting the people who needed HVAC work done. He showed me exactly what to do when it came to performing basic HVAC system maintenance and he had me even help a little with some of the repairs he had to do. He also showed me how to repair a refrigerant leak and how to refill the refrigerant to the air conditioner. It was a great time and I realized that he was right, I could do this type of work if I put my mind to it. He ended up talking me into getting into the same HVAC trade school that he went to. I decided to go for it because I wanted to be successful just like my brother. He said that one day, we would be able to start up our own business, and I truly loved the sound of that. I never dreamed that I would become a successful business owner, but now I believe we can make that happen someday.


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