I never had anything especially fancy like a nice cooling system

Growing up in a particularly small city we definitely did not have a good amount of money.

  • I basically grew up working on my family’s farm plus I didn’t mind it all that much at the time.

I particularly enjoyed waking up early plus feeding the chickens plus crows. However, as I have gotten older I have started to resent the life I used to live… The heating plus cooling machine in my residence growing up was nonexistent. All of us had a fireplace where my dad would regularly attend fires if the temperature outside was too chilly, however the people I was with and I had no type of cooling machine in the house. Even though the people I was with and I didn’t live in the southern section of the country that didn’t mean it didn’t get overheated inside the residence. We honestly did not have a single fan in the residence plus not to mention we did not have a cooling machine. Those kinds of things were for people that had good money plus that is something we did not have. I don’t blame my parents because I think they attempted to give us the best life possible, however it bothers me that I had to live this way when I actually know other people who did not. I wish I was able to live something like my friends plus have a beautiful heating plus cooling machine like in their home, however that was not the case.


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