I noticed the performance was excellent

My central cooling system was only several years seasoned when the people I was with and I started having some complaints with performance.  As the outside temperature warmed up, the a/c started struggling to handle the demand. The house felt a bit overheated plus sticky. I lowered the control unit by several degrees, however this simply caused the cooling unit to strain harder plus run for even longer cycles.  It rarely shut off, plus the air began to smell unpleasant. I was forced to dust plus vacuum far more often because of a greater influx of airborne contaminants. When I got my electric bill, I was actually unhappy. The cost had nearly doubled. Since I am diligent about air filter changes plus annual, professional maintenance, I could not imagine what was causing the problem.  I called my common Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier plus set up an appointment for service. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation diagnosed the inner workings of the cooling equipment, plus said that everything was fine. He then checked out the duct system plus found tiny holes plus leaks at the seams. These imperfections were enough to allow a wonderful deal of the conditioned air to escape.  The holes also brought in contaminated outside air, which was responsible for the smells plus pollutants. The duct sealing process was surprisingly quick plus non-invasive. The worker first sealed off all of the supply plus return vents, plus then sent pressurized air into the ducts. The pressurized air was laced with adhesive particles. As the air escaped through flaws in the ducts, those particles stuck to the edges of the holes, built up plus created a narrow seal.  

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