I only have weekends off

The other Summer, I went on a cruise ship to the Bahamas. I went with our wifey plus her teen age kid. I have to say, the two of us had a real blast. It was a different kind of cruise ship though. It was not one where you get off, explore plus then back to the ship to sleep! Of course, you could do that if you wanted to, but, the two of us chose to stay in the Bahamas at a hotel to really experience the island type life for a day. It was entirely pretty sizzling the day the two of us finally arrived there. The temperature had to have been at least in the upper 90’s; We were really thankful that they entirely had a really fantastic now working a/c plan in the hotel plus every shop plus location the two of us went to eat as well. I had no system that they would be really knowing of temperature control plus a/c on islands. A lot of islanders get used to having no a/c or even no heating in the cold Winter time months. But the two of us were really surprised that they went plus got fantastic a/c for the sizzling Summer day plus night the two of us were there! I even mentioned it to the check in person at the hotel how amazing their a/c was. He was pleased to hear that. It was entirely a lot better of a/c that it was on the cruise ship, dare I say. I really wish the two of us would have taken a direct flight to the Bahamas instead of doing the ship. But, it was attractive anyway. As they say, it’s better in the Bahamas, plus I have to totally agree with that old slogan!