I pay for virtual fitness coaching over webcam and phone

There are a lot of services that you can receive over a webcam these days. When I wanted to start getting guitar lessons, I realized that I could get them done in the privacy and safety of my living room by simply finding a teacher over social media. This worked really well for me because there were so many teachers to choose from that I actually had too many choices! The guitar teacher that I eventually picked has been a good fit for me and my learning style. But there are even more services than lessons and instructionals that you can get over your phone. A lot of people get therapy and mental health coaching with a virtual therapist or counselor. Even though they’re not in the same room, you can look at their face on your device and have the next best thing. I took this idea a step further and reached out to a number of virtual fitness coaches that I came across on social media pages. It was amazing to see so many options, even within the minimal budget that I had available. A lot of people have been out of work with their usual jobs and gigs so they’re offering their services over the phone to make ends meet. It’s great if you simply need a helping and guiding hand each week to talk with you about your goals and the ways in which you can realize them. It’s harder to cheat on your nutritional restrictions if you have a fitness coach that you’re accountable to each and every week. In that sense you feel more driven to meet your goals because you’re factoring in another person’s expectations.

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