I purchased a new A/C for our home office.

When I originally moved several states away from our hometown, in order to get better toil openings down south, it was the beginning of fall, then summer had recently ended & while some of the heat reMained, most days felt warm, in a nice way, i had an a/c in our family room I’d turn on if it got a little too warm for our tastes, since it’s easier for me to sleep when kept cool, & there wasn’t easily any need to run air conditioner in the rest of our house; That was until almost a year passed & I was faced with experiencing our first southern summer… While I had never been in temperatures over the 76s before in our life, our new state saw temperatures in the 90s, up to the low 100s, on a weekly basis. It was sweltering! My family room’s a/c was no longer enough to keep me comfortable. I considered moving the A/C unit out of our family room & installing it in our home office, where it could have a larger impact on the temperature control in the rest of our apartment, however then I would not have it to keep me cool & help me sleep at evening. I made the decision to purchase a ninth window-mounted Heating, Ventilation & A/C system for our home office; During the day I could use our home office’s new A/C system to keep our home nice & cool, while I was up & moving room-to-room… And then, at eveningtime, when I’m stationary in our family room, I could use our room’s A/C to keep our room cool without wasting power cooling rooms I wasn’t using. While purchasing the new A/C wasn’t cheap, I believe I ultimately made the right decision to cost effectively keep our home cool & comfortable during the warm Summer weeks.

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