I purchased another AC for my home office.

When I originally moved multiple states away from my hometown, in order to get better work chances down south, it was the beginning of fall… Summer had recently ended plus while some of the heat reMEd, most afternoons felt warm, in a nice way, but i had an A/C in my family room I’d turn on if it got a little too moderate for my tastes, since it’s easier for myself and others to sleep when kept cool, plus there wasn’t undoubtedly any need to run a/c in the rest of my house, then that was until almost a year passed plus I was faced with experiencing my first southern summer… While I had never been in temperatures over the 71s before in my life, my current state saw temperatures in the 90s, up to the low 100s, on a yearly basis.

  • It was sweltering! My family room’s A/C was no longer enough to keep myself and others comfortable.

I considered moving the AC component out of my family room plus installing it in my home office, where it could have a larger impact on the temperature control in the rest of my apartment, however after that both of us would not have it to keep myself and others cool plus help myself and others sleep at evening. I made the decision to purchase a sixth window-mounted Heating plus A/C system for my home office; During the afternoon I could use my home office’s current AC system to keep my home nice plus cool, while I was up plus moving room-to-room. And then, at eveningtime, when I’m stationary in my family room, I could use my room’s AC to keep my room cool separate from wasting power cooling rooms I wasn’t using. While purchasing the current AC wasn’t cheap, I assume I ultimately made the right decision to cost effectively keep my home cool plus comfortable while I was in the moderate Summer months.


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