I realized the solution

I enjoy the learning process. People think I am unusual because of how often I am poking my nose into different things. Some think it is a waste of time, as they see no practical side to learning the things I do. However, I find practical applications for all learning, even if I can get any personal use out what I discovered, such as the operation of a light bulb. You may not need to understand how photons are created from electrons bouncing off of electrons. You’re not going to build a time machine or something crazy from that knowledge. However, knowing how stuff works can help you in the end, and I find that quite useful. I have discovered many things about my HVAC system. There was a lot to learn. For example, I never knew HVAC was an acronym. As I discovered, the acronym stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. A thermostat is not as cut and dry as you think either. Raising the temperature requires something very different than lowering it. When it comes to heating, a typical home will use either a furnace system or a boiler system. This heater uses forced air, and a boiler will use heated water to go through pipes. Both of these systems thus use different types of fuel. Hot water, oil, and natural gas can all be a means of fuel for different heating systems. Obviously, since cooling works by expelling hot air, an air conditioner does not use these same systems, and it operates through its own process

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