I really can only control so much

No multiple people in my family can actually keep much of a secret, so the people I was with as well as myself should not have been surprised when our family found out my boyfriend and I were having problems. I wanted to leave, but I didn’t have enough money at the time. The people I was with in myself for making ends meet at the time, and we already had a lot of issues that were keeping us from paying bills. The people I was with as well as myself we’re never getting along, so my parents offered to do something to help out. One of the biggest problems we were having was with the Keating as well as cooling playing. My boyfriend and I were constantly arguing over the temperature in the house, as well as we were having issues with high electric bills. My parents decided to pay for us to upgrade the heating + air conditioning plant in our apartment. After that, the beach condo atmosphere was much better. We still arguing about a lot of things, but the temperature wasn’t one of them. It didn’t take very long before the people I was with us as well as myself realize it was time for us to break up and go our separate ways. Then it took months for me to find a beach condo of my own, that was just as nice as the one we had fixed up. It took some time to find the right beach condo, but the kids and I are happy here.

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