I really just do my job

I thought working at my mom’s cafe  this summer would be a blast! At least that was what I thought, but I found out the hard way that finally working in the maintenance room is never that simple. One thing that I did not expect at all was the sheer amount of heat coming from the cafe area! It’s already pretty warm in the south in the summer, but when you mix in coffee being made along with tons of food, it gets to be almost unbearable! You would think that a popular and money making cafe would be able to afford having a heating and cooling system installed in the dining area, right? Well you might not know this about my mother but she is a penny pincher! She would rather cut off his right hand then have to chalk over the money to buy a new heating and cooling system. She constantly tells all of the employees that if they want to have some cool air, stick your head in the freezer for a few minutes. This is what makes me more frustrated is when he will call myself and others into his office to tell myself and others something. I walk in, in addition to it’s perfectly cool with a lovely chilled breeze in the entire office! Every time that I am in the office I tell my mom how unfair it is that her own employees have to deal with dripping with sweat through our work clothes while we making food and coffee, then during the entire summer however, her response has stayed the same. “Start your own cafe hot shot and you can beginning making the choices about the heating and cooling system” Just maybe, I will one afternoon!

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