I really need to sleep

Every year I feel like everyone I know gets very riled up about their potential Halloween costume ideas. They slave over brainstorming creative and funny new ideas for months on end, well before the Fall season even begins. Many of them go out and purchase intricate outfits and accessories to make the single night a huge success… and then never wear the get up ever again. They rarely even recycle their costumes for the next year; instead, the whole pile of expensive clothing gets thrown into a closet and forgotten forever. Another part that frustrates me is how little time these outfits are even exposed to the public! Let’s get real here – Halloween is a cold, gloomy holiday. Half the time it rains or snows on the day of the big event, and the entire costume is hidden under all those layers of warm clothing, anyways! All of this has me thinking about the hottest Halloween costume idea ever… a furnace. And when I say a “hot furnace,” I mean this in a fairly literal sense. The smartest Halloween costume on earth would be a self-heating costume. The occupant of the outfit could actually be warm and comfortable all day and night long without ruining their entire costume! Instead of covering up with a heavy winter jacket and gloves, you could easily pack yourself into a large cardboard box with a large collection of heating pads, hand warmers, and downy feathers. Just like using a central heating system safe at home, the occupant of the furnace costume would be warmer and more comfortable than ever. Even better, staying warm while keeping their costume front and center for the whole holiday, come frigid rain or snow.

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