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I’m from quite a large family. I have 7 siblings and I’m the youngest of all the children. There are only 3 of us left that live at home with our parents, the rest of our siblings have already moved out. I want to move out soon, too, but all in good time. My two older sisters and I will be moving out within a year or 2 of each other, and we’ll probably live together for a couple years. Our parents buy and sell houses for a living so it’s easy to live with my sisters before I get my own place. My parents usually buy an older home for cheap, renovate it, then resell it after making improvements. They make a comfortable living off of it and  I’ve learned a lot about home care as well. I think I want to get into the home improvement business, too. My parents are already asking my sisters and I what kind of features all of us would appreciate to have for our communal home, too. I guess one of the most important issues would be to have a great heating and air conditioning plan. I really don’t need the best of the best and I’d be happy with any functional and reliable heating and cooling plan at all. As long as the heating keeps us warm and the air conditioner keeps us cool I’ll be happy. As much as my sisters drive me crazy, now that we’re older I think it’ll be fun to live together and have our own home with adult HVAC responsibilities.

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