I really wanted a fireplace for Christmas

This year, all I really wanted for Christmas was a fireplace. I kept on hinting about it to my husband, but he is not the greatest at picking up on hints. Even though I showed him pictures of fireplaces online all the time, and I even left him a little flier from the local fireplace center, he still did not seem like he even realized that I actually really wanted one. I guess that’s just how some men are. They just don’t understand what their wives are trying to say. I think that it’s really true that men and women speak a different language sometimes. Anyway, I really wanted to get a fireplace for the house, and I felt like I had waited for it long enough. We have been living in this house for about seven years now, and I have wanted a fireplace ever since we first moved in. When I got to the point where I was thinking that he just wasn’t going to do anything about it, I gave up and told him flat out that I wanted him to buy me a wood burning fireplace or a gas log fireplace for Christmas. I did not hint around at all. I just came out and said it. It was funny, because he looked completely surprised when I said this. It was like he had no clue that I was even interested in having a fireplace in the house at all! Later on, he told me that he was glad that I had mentioned it because he did not know that I was interested in getting a fireplace. I just rolled my eyes and told him that he better call the HVAC company.
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