I recently married an HVAC device worker

This last year, I finally got married. I never thought that I would ever end up marrying a Heating plus Air Conditioning device dealer, however that’s undoubtedly what happened. I met her when she came to install a new central air conditioning device at my parents’ household. My parents weren’t going to be home that day plus I came over when I got done at my place of work so that I could let the Heating plus Air Conditioning device dealer into their household. When we met, flames flew, and the two of us knew right away that we were attracted to each other. Once she got done laboring on their heating plus cooling device, she asked me out to supper. The rest is history. My mother likes to say that she is personally responsible for the two of us getting married plus living happily ever after. That’s even what she ended up saying during her toast at our ceremony last year. It makes myself and others laugh, however it’s totally true, I suppose. If it hadn’t been for me being there at their household that day to get their air conditioning device fixed, then my wife plus I really would never have met. So far, married life is pretty amazing. The two of us get along well plus we are unquestionably ecstatic together. The two of us have a bunch of fun most of the time however a single thing that bugs me is the fact that she has to toil such crazy hours for the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer where she is employed. I recognize I never actually realized that Heating plus Air Conditioning device dealers have to toil very crazy hours sometimes. Once in a while, she has to be on call for emergency gas furnace plus air conditioning calls plus I don’t prefer that in the least. I recognize I have to live with it though. Obviously, I knew that she was a heating & A/C device specialist when we met so I should have expected it.