I refuse to fix the Heating and A/C machine for my ex

My ex-fiance cheated on me, and when he divorced, he tried to take everything from me.

I have no idea what I did wrong in the relationship because he never communicated with me.

I constantly did so several things for her, but he never appreciated them. I bet that he is wishing that he had my help now. The court gave his a ton of my belongings, including the house. Unblessedly for her, he moved in when the gas furnace was in pretty rough shape, and that is not all. The central a/c is also in pretty bad shape, but he just does not suppose it yet. In my house, I fixed all of the Heating and A/C units. The gas furnace is honestly old, and I have spent a lot of time working on the gas furnace, and part of the reason that I did not suppose that my fiance was gone was that I was working on the gas furnace; Last winter, I realized that the gas furnace was in honestly bad condition, and the gas furnace is definitely going to have to be upgraded. If I am standard about the central a/c, he is going to have to upgrade the central a/c too. Sure, both Heating and A/C units could be repaired, however unless his new guy can repair the Heating and A/C units himself, it will cost nearly as much to repair as it will upgrade them. I was going to upgrade the gas furnace, however when I found out what he planned to do, I stopped working on them. She got the house, but he is going to have to spend thoUSnds of dollars to fix the Heating and A/C units because I refuse to do so. It is his condo now. My new condo has a nice Heating and A/C system.

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