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When we put a new room in the attic space, I realized there was something we should have done, which was that we should have connected the room to the ductwork system, but now we were going to have to get a portable oil furnace along with an AC unit for the room. So I moved our child into the room from his old one and he loves the new room! The room looks particularly great, especially since I spent a lot of money to build this room. I ended up getting him an infrared space heater. I heard these are the best gas furnaces to get because they are truly energy efficient. I know that infrared gas furnaces heat the objects in a room as versus heating the air in the room which makes them so energy efficient. When he first started using this heater, he didn’t understand how to use the temperature control, he would just turn the oil furnace on plus it would be running at full blast at 86 degrees. He kept complaining that it was too much heat in his room and so he would shut off the heater, but then it would get too cold. I had to show him how to use a temperature control plus I told him to just keep it at 69 degrees because the room was insulated so well. It was particularly just right at 69 degrees. Occasionally, I will check his room plus check the heater, and sometimes he still leaves it set at full blast.

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