I shared a house with my friend

After I got out of college, I wanted to get an apartment of my own.

I knew that I couldn’t afford to rent a house without help so I talked to my best friend.

He had also been looking for an apartment that was closer to where he had got his apprenticeship. I soon realized that this was one of the biggest mistakes we could have made. We had been friends ever since we were in high school. It didn’t take long to know that if we lived together for too long, the friendship was not going to survive. We had a lot of differences that you don’t see in each other, unless you live together. One of the biggest differences in us is our choice in HVAC. I liked to have it a bit warm, but my friend liked it cooler. It seemed that we were always at odds over who was going to have control over the thermostat. We gave some thought to getting Zone Control installed in the house, but this wasn’t a permanent home for either of us. We couldn’t see putting money into someone else’s property, and having it benefit someone other than ourselves. We knew we were going to only be here temporarily. In order to preserve our friendship, we decided to purchase a couple of portable heaters and air conditioners. We thought this was the best way to keep the friendship and not lose money by breaking the lease. We chose to keep the friendship and forget about the HvAC system. It seemed to be the wisest thing to do for us both.

a/c worker