I should have asked for help moving my air conditioner

I should have asked for help moving my air conditioner.

  • I am so prideful sometimes, and it is definitely not a good thing.

I have a wonderful neighbor who loves to help, and I was too prideful to ask for his help in carrying my air conditioner down the stairs for me. I wanted to move my air conditioner from my bedroom window to the living room window downstairs. I was getting too chilly during the evenings since fall weather is starting to hit, but it is still pretty warm during the day. I wanted my air conditioner in the living room to keep it cooler during the days since I am working from home now. I love that I get to work from home, but it is quite miserably hot in my house during the afternoons. I would have an air conditioner in my living room window right now if I would have asked for help carrying my air conditioner down the stairs. I decided to do it on my own, and I ended up dropping the air conditioner down the stairs and breaking it. I don’t really know what happened. I do remember stepping on the cord of the air conditioner, but I thought I recovered from that. The next thing I remember is seeing the air conditioner falling down the stairs and crashing into pieces at the bottom. Now, I am going to have to find a new air conditioner for my living room. I learned from my mistake though. I will be asking for help with my new air conditioner even if I have to put down my pride to do so.