I should install some vents

Today was a tipping point of sorts.  I guess there are all kinds of days where things change a bit.  But, there a far fewer where a significant difference is felt. A day comes along with a scenario which simply changes your entire perspective.  Today was one of those days. I’m a regular guy who goes to the office, pours a cup of coffee, cranks the HVAC and gets down to work. Doing things the right way has been something I’ve attempted to do my entire life.  I roll with the punches as best as I can. Go along to get along perhaps. So, I was in for a rude awakening when I returned home from work this afternoon. Just as I do when I first get to the office, I came home and cranked down the HVAC cooling system.  However, the heating and cooling system did nothing. I went to the garage to check the fuse box only to find no problem with the power. I went outside to see if perhaps the condenser was messed up. I walked around the corner to see what could only be described as incredible.  What was once my HVAC condenser was reduced to a pile of garbage. The guts of my condenser were strewn about the lawn like some sort of criminal yard sale. I began sifting through the pieces in mild shock. Then it dawned on me. There wasn’t any sort of explosion of weird occurrence.  A thief had destroyed my outside heating and cooling component to scavenge the copper tubing inside it. It has come to this. I will now have to not only replace the HVAC condenser but, lock it down. Something clicked in me today and it wasn’t a good click. The world seems a bit more grim than it did just 24 hours ago.

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