I spent a week with our boyfriend.

I enjoy our boyfriend.

She is the sweetest guy I guess and he had no problem with our staying with his when our a/c broke.

She wanted me to make sure I brought enough food for our pet and I had to do our own laundry at the laundromat. I thought this was kind of odd. She told me he didn’t enjoy having odd laundry in his laundry tote if his mother came over. This made me wonder how several people he had allowed to stay at his house, and how often his mother came over. It was nearly 100 degrees outside, so I didn’t want to stay in our apartment, when the a/c wasn’t laboring. I thought that even though our boyfriend was a bit quirky, it was better than suffocating. I packed up a small tote and headed over. I had been thinking that someday I may want to marry this boy. Now, I was beginning to wonder how well I entirely knew her. Yes! We laughed a lot and the two of us had a great time. We had entirely great chemistry, however the two of us had never spent any more than a night together. I walked into his home and he had the couch made up for me. I was okay with that. When he went to bed, he turned off all the lights and turned the a/c off. I was watching TV when he turned it off. I hadn’t even changed for bed. She said great night and walked away. In the meantime, I was getting hotter without a/c, and it was only 9PM.
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