I stuck metal in my microwave.

The dumbest thing I have ever done was when I forgot to take the foil off a dish, before I turned on the microwave.

I heard the noise coming from the microwave, but I didn’t give it a thought.

Two seconds later, I knew what the sound was, and I opened the microwave door. The inside of the microwave was blackened, and my dish was ruined. The odor coming from the microwave was acrid, and I couldn’t get my overhead ventilation fan to work. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I opened the windows, even though it was frigid outside. I turned on the ventilation fan that is over the stove. I also turn on the ventilation fan that is in the bathroom. I remembered that my husband had bought a portable air purification system about two years ago. I went in search of it so I could get it running. That’s when it hit me that we had an air purification system installed in the HVAC system. I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. My husband was hiding out in the basement and I yelled down to him. He wasn’t happy with being interrupted while he was working on one of his models. I really didn’t care because I had to have the air purifier. I told him what I did and after he finished laughing; he went over to the furnace room. It didn’t take him long to tell me that it wasn’t turned on. It also didn’t take long for the air quality to improve.

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