I think I’m going to sell my disappointing portable air conditioner

I hate it when you pay a ton of money to upgrade an appliance or electronic device only to be massively disappointed with the new one.

There’s a famous brand of action cameras that people use for things like scuba diving, boating, mountain climbing, and basic recreation.

They’re water proof and small enough to attach to a helmet or the front of a bike or kayak. However, the leading brand keeps releasing new versions of the same camera every year. The first few iterations of the camera were huge improvements on their predecessors, but the last one is terrible. I keep having issues where the footage gets pixelated when I try to transfer the files on my computer or post them to Youtube. I’ve never had this issue with these cameras in the past. The footage always looked great and played nice with my video editing software. When I tried upgrading my window air conditioner, I ran into the same exact problem. I bought an expensive portable air conditioner because they’re more sleek and elegant looking compared to window air conditioners. I had no idea that they recycle cold air from inside your home to keep the internal compressor from overheating. Normally an air conditioner’s compressor is located in the condenser unit outside on the lawn. In a window air conditioner, the compressor is located in the part of the machine that hangs outside the window. In both instances the compressor is air cooled and doesn’t need cold indoor air to recycle for this purpose. As a result, a portable air conditioner is a massive waste of electricity. I decided that I’m going to sell my portable air conditioner for whatever money I can get for it.

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