I Think My Workouts Are Better

I know someone who is obsessed with yoga, In fact, it’s the only workout they’ll do plus not even everyday.

I’m not going to lie, yoga is not that good of a workout.

My friends and family want to bite off my head when I say this, but I just don’t see the benefits. I assume yoga is more of a social outlet plus relaxation tactic for some, and the person I know gets to hang out with people their own age plus kneel on comfy mats. Yes, there’s a lot of stretching plus holds that are wonderful for the muscles. If you hold the same body positions over time, the muscles will tone up. But, my friend does not do this. They’re not even tepid after going to their yoga studio plus will eat a full supper afterwards. Where is the cardio or weight lifting plus all over body training in yoga? Basically, the person I know gets small amounts of muscle training plus balance once a week, which doesn’t seem like an exhausting thing. But, I assume they’re not as healthy as they think they are. I rotate what I do fitness wise each and every day. I do cardio four afternoons a week, weight lifting with my arms one day, legs the other day, plus the last afternoon is targeted towards my abs. If I have an extra day, I’ll stretch plus practice balance. I hit all areas of my body plus I rotate getting the heart pumping and muscle building. I think I’m much healthier than the person I know.