I think the HVAC technician that fixed my HVAC unit is the prettiest girl that I have ever seen

The last place that I expected to meet my soulmate was in the furnace room of my house.

However, that is exactly where we met, and I can’t wait to tell you the story.

It all started when my furnace stopped working last year. I was frustrated that my furnace stopped working, but I decided that I would make the best of it. I don’t know how to fix a furnace, so I knew that I would have to call an HVAC technician to fix it. Since I had to be home when the HVAC technician arrived, I would get a free day off of work, which would be nice. I called the HVAC company, and they scheduled me to have someone at my house in a few days to fix my furnace. I waited, and finally, I saw the company van pull into my house. I immediately ran into the furnace room to turn on the light, and I heard someone ring the doorbell. When I opened the door for the HVAC technician, I was completely stunned. The HVAC technician was a girl, and she was a pretty girl. In fact, she was one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen. I didn’t say anything about it, and I led her to the room where the furnace was. She began fixing my furnace. I tried to leave her alone, because she is a professional, and she was her to fix my furnace. I was so glad when she left that she gave me her number. That was the beginning of my currently happy marriage!


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