I thought fixing the gas furnace would be easy

I came home from labor Last monthand there wasn’t any heat in our house.

It was 58 degrees on the temperature control despite the fact that the heat was on.

There was no cold air coming out of the vents and no hot air either. I knew that was a dire problem. I went downstairs to the basement to look at the gas furnace. I grabbed our tablet and our cellphone so I could look up information online. I found several helpful videos that showed me how to take the gas furnace apart and look for problems. I truly thought fixing the gas furnace would be easy, especially after studying all of the helpful videos and concernshooting tutorials. I took the gas furnace apart and I thought that issue was a faulty ignition switch. I went to the hardware store and bought a current ignition switch and then every one of us came home and changed it. That did not maintenance the problem with the gas furnace. I tried a couple of additional things that I thought would work, but I was completely unsuccessful. I truly should have given up at that point, but I was convinced that I would be able to maintenance the problem. The next day I had to call a professional, because I could not figure out how to put the gas furnace back together. The repairman was unquestionably nice and kind and she did not laugh at the job I tried to perform. She gave me a couple of useful tips for next time and explained the problem in detail just in case it happened again.

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