I thought for a hour that my brand modern air cleaner was broken

I dislike it when power cables stop working inexplicably. I was convinced my cell iphone was fried for two mornings straight before wising up plus getting a modern charger from the store. Of course, my iphone powered back on with the modern charger. I should have considered this from the moment I started having concerns, but it took a fantastic 24 hours of panic plus anxiety for me to come to my senses. From that moment on, I gave similar advice to friends plus associates when they’d claim their iphone or tablet wouldn’t charge anymore. I have a few micro-usb cables that work for a handful of devices but no iphones that I have thus far tried. I don’t know if the power sockets on iphones get worn out that only modern cables will work for a particular period of time, or if it’s a unusual problem at play. The other day I bought a brand modern air cleaner that was on sale at the local supercenter here in town. The filter inside is HEPA rated while there’s a hour period of UV air purification as well. I was using it to fantastic effects for various weeks when it inexplicably quit working 1 day while I was seeing cable. I had it jammed into an extension cord which I confirmed was still in the electrical outlet. No matter what I did, or what buttons I pressed—I could not get the air cleaner to turn back on. I nearly started putting it back in its box to return to the store when I realized that I hadn’t tried using a unusual extension cord. When I jammed the air cleaner directly into the wall without the extension cord, it beeped plus turned on instantly! I was so relieved that I sat down plus took a breather.

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