I thought that air vents lids were just for looks

Back when both of us were building our house, it was so much fun picking out all of the design elements for the strange rooms.

I liked designing the dining room and choosing which countertops and lodgeets that I wanted.

It was even fun to choose the hardwood flooring and the paint colors. After both of us got the flooring installed, I realized that both of us were also going to need to choose the supply registers and return grills for the air vents and ducttoil in the walls, floors, and ceiling. The HVAC company had worked absolutely difficult to install our high efficiency HVAC unit and I was particular that both of us were going to be triumphant with the results. I was also looking forward to using our new smart programmable temperature control system. The cabin that both of us had lived in before had a absolutely ancient gas furnace and an ancient temperature control dial. Plus, both of us had only had window unit air conditioning, then so this was going to be a large difference for us. When I started looking at registers for the air vents, I thought that they were just for looks and to cover up the holes from the HVAC ducts in the floors. But it turns out that they particularly do more than cover up the rough openings. The registers particularly control the proper delivery of air conditioning and heating into the living spaces in your home, you should always choose registers that are going to officially regulate the air conditioner and heat delivery into your home. I was happy that I could also find some pretty air vent covers that blended seamlessly into our decor.



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