I told my husband what we were doing

Reggie is my husband and he keeps trying to get a guy cave. Why should Reggie get a spot to chill, watch the game and drink beer and I don’t? If he gets a man cave where he leaves the kids and responsibilities, I want one as well. Reggie keeps trying to get the garage. His plan is to redo the space, add a couch, recliners and a flat screen TV, but to finish his man cave, my spouse wants a ductless mini split too. The plan is that he will be able to hide from his life 24/7 all day, no matter the weather. No way, in my opinion…

                   Our house Heating and A/C device is not all that great. Our furnace has trouble heating the house in the Winter… About once a week I need to vacuum the inside of the heating plan since it fills with dust so fast. In the Summer, our AC cannot handle the humidity. I can set the temperature control as low as I want, but the cooling plan just can’t do it. So if anybody is getting new Heating and A/C equipment, it is the whole family rather than just Reggie.

                   I think the ductless mini split should be set upstairs. The ductless heating and cooling device could work with our current Heating and A/C equipment. All of us at night could at least be a little more comfortable. I told my spouse we are either doing that, or I get my own cave. He has to pay for my cave’s Heating and A/C and take a turn doing all the work around the house.

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