I told the owner of the arcade that he should upgrade the HVAC system

He said he was the son of the original owner

This one day, we decided to take our children to the old arcade in town. I honestly couldn’t believe this arcade was still in business but they made a few changes over the years. Unfortunately, one thing they didn’t change was the lousy HVAC system in the place. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they used the same old HVAC system that they had back in the day. It was always overheated in the place and the air quality was lousy. That didn’t matter to us when we were kids though, we just enjoyed playing the games. There is even one arcade machine that is free and that’s where kids would line up when they were all out of money. It was kind of a lame game, but at least you had something to do when you didn’t have any money. So I gave all the kids an even amount of change and they went playing on the different arcade games. They even had some modern games inside the place which was great to see. I ended up talking to the owner of the arcade and I was telling him how I used to go to this place all the time when I was young. He said he was the son of the original owner. I had to tell him that he should think about upgrading the HVAC system in the place. He let me know he hears that all the time, but he just didn’t make enough money running the place to make such an expensive upgrade. That’s a real shame.

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