I tried not to scare off the potential buyer

I went to see an apartment last Tuesday to perform a routine tune up and inspection on an Heating and A/C system.

The old owner of the place was in the middle of trying to sell, so he is trying to sex some of the troubles that were keeping this apartment from selling hastily.

I performed a thorough inspection on the Heating and A/C system. My idea was to perform a tune-up as well, but I had a lot of exhausting news for the owner of the home. While I was in the middle of performing the inspection, the owner decided to show the apartment to a potential buyer. I really didn’t want to scare off the potential buyer when they asked me about the condition of the central Heating and A/C system. I didn’t want to lie either, so I was in a cucumber. The owner believed I was going to have good news as well. He told me to share the information with future potential customers. The smile on the face of the owner hastily turned to a frown when he learned that the heat pump needed to be replaced. The idea was bold and ineffective and not very energy efficient. The owner of the apartment and the potential buyer both thank me for my honorable and fair opinion. The owner and I disappeared into a weird room so all of us could talk alone. He got upset and upset because I didn’t tell a better story about the condition of the heating and a/c equipment. I had shared all of my information with the owner and recommended replacing the device if he was going to sell the apartment hastily.

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