I tried to fix my own A/C but I messed it up even worse

The single life is the best life in my personal opinion.

I have never wanted to be in a romantic relationship.

I just don’t think that it’s the life for me. I have a lot of guy friends that I get teased over sometimes. But really, I don’t even have any feelings for them whatsoever. I really appreciate the freedom of being single. I can still travel all the time and do so much more alone than I ever could do married. And that’s especially the case if children were in the picture. I have to admit that there are some setbacks to being single sometimes, though. One setback is not having someone to maintain and repair the stuff that breaks around the house. I guess that some young girls like me might be able to fix a lot of things. But I’m really just not that way. The A/C started acting up a couple of weeks ago, and I just had a feeling it would not last much longer. The A/C was still cooling our study room down, but I noticed it took much longer than it typically does to cool it down. See, I usually turn our a/c on about thirty minutes before I go to bed, and the room is entirely cool by the time I’m ready to go to sleep. Recently, though, the room has not cooled down in that time period. I have had to turn the A/C on at least an hour or two before I go to bed. Last night, I decided that I would look up some different tutorials on the internet about repairing air conditioning units to see if I could figure out the problem with mine and then repair it. But I couldn’t find the problem. And I’m pretty sure that I destroyed our A/C for good. I guess I will be going to the store tomorrow to buy a new A/C unit.

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