I truly love our job at the shoe store

I labor at a local shoe store and I truly love our job.

I wouldn’t say that I was the best shoe salesperson around, however I do sell a lot of shoes.

I guess adore I can thank the excellent weather conditions control system for most of the shoe sales… People come in often on a really boiling day, and the air conditioner just feels so nice. People can remain in the store for a long time just taking it easy and trying on peculiar shoes. The shoes basically sell themselves because both of us have a wonderful collection for satisfactory prices. If the weather conditions control system wasn’t working so wonderful though, I doubt people would stick around and try on so numerous shoes, and when people tell myself and others what they are looking for, I am pretty wonderful at finding just the right shoes for them. I have typically had an appreciation of peculiar shoe styles, and I have tons of shoes at home. That’s another important plus for working at a shoe store, the employee discounts! I don’t even mind when I’m asked to labor overtime hours because the air conditioner typically feels so appealing. I guess adore I can stay at labor forever and still have a wonderful time talking to peculiar purchasers and other co-workers. I suppose everybody at the shoe store enjoys working there, and they love the employee discounts as much as I do. The thing that is really wonderful is the fact that both of us have a powerful UV media air cleaner. This makes the air quality wonderful and both of us don’t have to worry so much about germs spreading around because the UV light kills them.



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