I turned on the heater while I showered

During the winter months, it can be downright frosty and cold inside and outside of the house.

My family and I live in one of the coldest cities in the whole country.

Winter is a cumbersome season that lasts six months out of the year. The ice is two feet thick on the river. Sometimes it is negative 20 degrees outside and the windows inside of the house have ice. The walls are always cold and it is impossible to keep the house warm without a little help from space heaters. We always keep a small heater in the bathroom. The bathroom seems to be incredibly drafty and the space heater helps a great deal. I turn on the space heater before I take a shower. The whole room is warm in 5 or 10 minutes. My wife turns on the space heater before she gives the kids a bath as well. The space heater is safe to use in the bathroom, because it has a shield on the front to protect the heating area from water and dirt. It also has a feature built-in that turns off the machine if it falls over. The safety features make my wife and I feel much safer about using the heater with the kids in the room. I would hate for them to get hurt because we were being negligent. I’ve heard some horror stories from people that used space heaters and got hurt. I know it happens, but it is much less frequent nowadays thanks to the health and safety regulations.

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