I turned the room into a different set-up

My sister recently purchased a new house. It’s near the top of the mountain, and the views are absolutely stunning.  The two story house is very large and spacious, and the structure is in good shape. The foundation is strong and free of cracks. The basement is nearly finished, but there is still some work to do. The previous owners installed a sump pump to remove any excess water. Still, there was a light musty smell in the area. My sister wanted the basement to be an extra recreational room, so she decided to hire an HVAC specialist to help with the indoor air quality. The HVAC specialist suggested a few different things to help with the indoor air quality. First, they suggested that my sister run a portable dehumidifier for a few days. After the dehumidifier removes all of the wet and damp odors, my sister will need to install a permanent HVAC unit. They also suggested that my sister install a permanent dehumidifier with the HVAC unit. My sister doesn’t have the money to pay for all of these HVAC upgrades. For now, they are going to use the basement as a storage area. In a few years, they will work on the basement and turn the space into an extra living room. I think the basement has a lot of possibilities, and it will add a great deal of square footage to my sister’s home. Making the HVAC upgrades will give my sister more space, and it will also add a lot of value to her new home..

HVAC unit